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What happens if I poke it here?

A bit less than two months ago my second daughter, Eira, was born. Not only was it a big change with a new addition to the family, it was also the start of a long-term project that will span over several years - perhaps it will never really finish.

The plan is simply to document the bond between two sisters as they grow up together. This is something completely different from what I normally shoot. Some of it will probably be posed but the intention is that most of it will be in a candid and documentary style. Since this is new territory for me I know that I haven't reached the standard I want yet but I figure that I've got a long time to learn.

This project will be shot exclusively on analog media. The reason for that is that I find that my analog photos have a soul and nostalgia to them that my digital work just doesn't. They're not better but they are different, and that difference manifests in a way that just lends itself perfectly to photos of this nature. It's not about the details, fancy lights or mind bending compositions; it's about emotion, childhood and the bond between sisters.

Updates for this project will be sporadic and in time, as I improve, I might trim a few of the less good shots from the collection. In the end I hope the whole project will be good enough to fulfill my vision for it.

You can find the first few photos under 'Analog' and 'Sisters' in the left-hand menu.