The man himself

The man himself

Rifqi's Photo is a one man hobby operation based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I first got interested in photography when I did some research on what camera to buy to take pictures of our first daughter, who was then on the way. Since then things has sort of just kept moving forward and I've developed a real passion for photography.

My main focus is on portraits and my most prolific subjects are my gorgeous daughters. I am, however, always looking for new faces to put in front of my camera. I would love more opportunities to capture people in their natural environment and in my own style.

I would feel amiss if I didn't in some way say a word about the support from my lovely wife. Not only is she another of my returning subjects but she also often, patiently, assist with the lights and other details during the shoots. One of her more taxing jobs is to convince our daughters to let their overly persistent father take "just one more" frame...maybe two.

With an ambition to keep improving my craft and share it with the world, I hope you'll find something of value in my photography.